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Aniara is the story of one of the many spaceships used for transporting Earth?s fleeing population to their new home-planet Mars. But just as the ship leaves the destroyed Earth, she collides with space junk and is thrown off her course. The passengers slowly realize that they?ll never be able to return. The protagonist, MR, runs a room where a sentient computer allows humans to experience near-spiritual memories of the Earth. As the ship drifts further into the endless void more and more passengers are in need of MRs services. Pressure builds on MR as she is the only one who can keep the growing insanity and lethal depression at bay. In Aniara?s inexorable journey towards destruction there is a warning that cannot be emphasized enough. There?s only one Earth. It?s time to take responsibility for our actions. Rated: R Release Date: May 17, 2019

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