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By Vicky

I Hate Kids download free here.
Nick Pearson (Tom Everett Scott), the author of a best-selling comedic book, titled ?I Hate Kids?, and former lothario, is on the verge of marrying the woman of his dreams (Rachel Boston), who happens to share his disinterest for the ?child-rearing experience.? But the rehearsal dinner is interrupted by an uninvited guest? an awkward thirteen-year-old boy named Mason (Julian Feder), who shows up claiming to be Nick?s son. With the aid of a flamboyant ?radio show psychic?, The Amazing Fabular (Titus Burgess) and with just a few days before the wedding, the three strangers embark on a wild road trip to find Mason?s mother, who could be any one of a dozen eccentric women from Nick?s past.Rated: Not Rated Release Date: Jan 18, 2019

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